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Greenmantle Pottery

Small batch, organic pottery handmade by Patricia Cherrie in Uxbridge, Ontario

Greenmantle Pottery:

At Home In Your Home

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Photo by @simonburncreative

About Greenmantle Pottery

My Greenmantle Pottery studio is in a 150 year old log cabin outside Uxbridge, Ontario where I enjoy creating both wheel and hand built functional pottery.
I am inspired by the nature that surrounds the farm and I integrate this aesthetic into all of my work. I love to compliment my organic pottery shapes with unique textures.  I can use flowers, leaves and stones from our property or discover lace and other tactile materials while travelling abroad.
As a small batch potter, each piece of Greenmantle Pottery is unique and individual. I only used stoneware clay as my pottery is designed to be used and enjoyed every day in your home. All of my pottery is dishwasher and microwave friendly. But simple hand washing extends the life of your pottery.


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Screen Shot 2024-03-23 at 2.55.13 PM.png

It’s the perfect bowl- practical for a meal or sharing snacks; beautiful just sitting on my countertop.


Screen Shot 2024-03-23 at 2.55.13 PM.png

I have bought many wedding and house warming gifts from Greenmantle Pottery. Each piece has a special place in their homes.


Screen Shot 2024-03-23 at 2.55.13 PM.png

My new BODE dishes have replaced 10 others in my kitchen. I love to use them everyday.


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