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Patricia Cherrie:

My enthusiasm for pottery began 10 years ago.
I have taken courses in Toronto with Celia Brandao and others teachers, attended the Haliburton School of the Arts, and experienced hands on potting with local artisans in Japan, Mexico, India, Spain and Sweden. These one of a kind opportunities have broadened my perspective and influenced my pottery.

And I still love playing with clay.

Where does the name Greenmantle come from?
My husband spent many idyllic summers as a wee lad at this very farm in Uxbridge. He did farm chores for Farmer Brown (yes, really, his name was “Farmer Brown”!) and his wife who ran a dairy farm. He helped build the house that we eventually bought 5 decades later. The farm was renamed Greenmantle after his favourite childhood book by John Buchan.
Is that Log Cabin for real?
As a matter of fact, the original log cabin dates back to the late 1860’s. It was a family homestead in the Uxbridge area. The cabin was taken apart and reassembled at Greenmantle in the 1960’s. Then it was used by Farmer Brown as a blacksmith shop where local kids used to watch him make horseshoes. In 2001, it was repurposed again as a cabin and finally became the Greenmantle Pottery studio.
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